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Step3: Obtaining an access token to download the model

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Step3: Obtaining an access token to download the model

Since all information is stored on tangl servers and requires authorization and appropriate permissions, you need to get a JWT access token.

The token can be obtained in different ways. For example, via the external authorization window of the tangl authorization server, or via a request with input of details.

This is the method we will use.

The access token is given by the following details:

  • Email of the user's account
  • Password of the user account
  • Client API Id
  • Client API secret

For demonstration purposes, we will use the Demo account for third-party developers and its details.

Also for convenience we will place all additional functions of requests to tangl server in a separate file** functions.js**

For calls we'll use axios. You can also use any other way to send requests.

Add axios to the imports in** functions.js**:

import axios from "axios";

Create a function to get the token by props in functions.js:

const TANGL_AUTH_SERVER = "https://auth.tangl.cloud"
export let tanglToken = undefined;

export async function fetchToken() {
	//post request
	const response = await axios.post(TANGL_AUTH_SERVER + "/connect/token", {
			 client_id: "e35e3f8b-8197-5b4d-8249-3a077cfedc50", //Demo API client
			 client_secret: "ff7eb513-db87-b66d-f743-3a077cfedc51", //Demo API client
			 grant_type: "password",
			 username: "devdemo@tangl.cloud", //Demo account
			 password: "Devdemo1!", //Demo account
			 headers: {
				 'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'

	if (response?.data?.access_token) {
		//store token
		tanglToken = response.data.access_token;
		console.info("Acces token is fetched: ", response.data.access_token)

Use the get token function in index.js:

import {fetchToken, tanglToken} from "./functions.js";
//fetching access token
await fetchToken()

The browser console should display a message with the token:

Acces token is fetched: <ACCES_TOKEN>

After receiving the token, set it in the scene manager: